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Specification of Machine

l Model No.: NPACK-1200L1
l Filling Material: lubricating oil/Resin/ Engine oil
l Filling Weight: 1000kg/IBC DRUM
l Filling Capacity: 1000L IBC DRUM
l Filling Accuracy: ±0.1% F.S. (Accuracy depends on suitable adjustment of slow feeding and the stability and consecutiveness of liquid to spray gun
l Filling Speed: 10 IBC DRUMS/hour (Depend on previous speed of feeding material, the previous speed of liquid must be 300L/MIN.)
l Measure Method: Two-section Feed Control, Filling into drum on above liquid level
l Material Connector: DN40 Rapid Flange Connector (Pressure of liquid feeding should less than 0.6MPa)

Machine Details

2.1 Electric Weighing Scale with Roller Conveyor
l Weighing Range: 1200kg x200g
l Weighing Table Size: 1500mm X1500mm
l LOVOSC LP7110 Load Cell for pieces
l JB-05 Load Cell junction box
l Painted Steel Platform
l Roller Conveyor with no motor driven
l Weighing Area Size:1500mm(L)x1500mm(W)
l Material of Machine Body: Painted Steel
l Installation Mode: On Ground

 Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

l Φ1 1/2” FB type Two Stages pneumatic Filling Spray Gun (Material of Spray Gun is SUS 304, Sealing Material: polyvinyl fluoride), Attached Φ1 1/2” rapid connector for feeding material, which used for change material, fast disassemble.

l Three-section infeed control, there is a foot valve at head of filling gun to improve filling accuracy and avoid rest of liquid overflow
l Gas-collection hood used to collect flue gas, stainless steel 304 material
l Offer anti-leak cup, stainless steel 304 material
l Manual adjust spray gun height
l Equipped with automatic promotion and demotion cylinders
l Equipped with base of filling spray gun (Material: Painted stainless steel)
l Included Anti-explosion pneumatic parts (pneumatic parts brand is AIRTAC)

Automatic Controller

l Wall-hung type Control Box
l ST510 Weighing Controller
l MCGSTPC TPC7062Ti Operation Interface
l FATEK FBS PLC programming control (Including RS232 modular)
l Two-section liquid infeed weight control (fast-slow)
l 10 Product Preset, easy to edit
l Automatic Stop and Alarm when no liquid

Other Requirement

l Buyer should install the machines by themselves and seller can give them guide; quotation doesn’t include installation costs.
l Buyer should prepare soft pipe and flange to connect with our machines to infeed liquid; Buyer should prepare pump to supply liquid to our machine and it should has reflux device; buyer should prepare separate power source AC380V, 3Phase/AC220V;1Phase; 50Hz; 20A and 4-6kgf/cm2 compressed air.


Mota: Betetzeko makina
Egoera: Berria
Packaging Type: Barrel, Cans
Paketatzeko materiala: metala, plastikoa
Kalifikazio automatikoa: Erdi automatikoa
Gidatutako Mota: Elektrikoa
Tentsioa: 220V / 380V
Potentzia: 1,5kw
Jatorrizko lekua: Shanghai, Txina (kontinentala)
Markaren izena: NPACK
Model Number: NAPCK-1200L1
Dimension(L*W*H): 1500*1500*2000MM
Pisua: 800kg
Ziurtagiria: ISO
Saldu osteko zerbitzua: Atzerrian zerbitzuko makineria eskuragarri dauden ingeniariak