8 buruak garbitzeko garbigarri automatikoen makina osoa

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8 buruak garbitzeko garbigarri automatikoen makina osoa


1.the machine can be conveniently maintained. itcan be easily disassembled asssembled and cleaned without the need of using any tools, the adjustment is convenient, when adjusting the metering ,first adjust the value to be near the metering at a wide range ,then make the fine adjustment, ti can realize accyrate metering and make sure no filling is made in case of on bottle or bottle shortage.

2.the filling systerm of the machine adopts the ferrule type quick installed sanitary connector, the whole cylinder can be easilr disassembled, assembled and cleaned without the need of using any tools, it is featured by simple structure design and convenient operation and maintenance.


Filling Range200-2000 (ml)
Bottling Speed30-80 (B/MIN)
Accuracy Of Gauge± 1%
Nominal Power0.75 (kw)
Lan Tentsioa220V
Lan Presioa5~7(kg/cm)
Gas Consumption0.5 (m3/min)
Net Weight650kg
Dimentsio Orokorra3000×870×1700mm

Parametro teknikoa

Filling volume(ml)Productivity(b/h)Betetze abiaduraBetetze doitasunaAire hornidura
10-501500-3500erregulagarria  ≤  ± 1%0.4-0.8mpa
80-3001500-3000erregulagarria≤  ± 1%0.4-0.8mpa
100-5001500-2500erregulagarria≤  ± 1%0.4-0.8mpa
300-10001500-2500erregulagarria≤  ± 1%0.4-0.8mpa
1000-50001000-2000erregulagarria≤  ± 1%0.4-0.8mpa


Mota: Betetzeko makina

Baldintza: New

Eskaera: Edaria, Kimika, Lehengaiak, Elikadura, Medikua

Packaging Type:Bottles, Cans, Cartons, Case, Stand-up Pouch

Packaging Material:Paper, Plastic, Wood

Kalifikazio automatikoa: automatikoa

Gidatutako Mota: Pneumatikoa

Tentsioa: 220V

Place of Origin:China (Mainland)

Markaren izena: NPACK




Saldu osteko zerbitzua: Atzerrian zerbitzuko makineria eskuragarri dauden ingeniariak

Filling Range:200-2000 (ml)

Bottling Speed:30-80 (B/MIN)

Accuracy Of Gauge:±15g

Nominal Power:0.75 (kw)

Working Voltage:220V

Working Pressure:5~7(kg/cm)

Gas Consumption:0.5 (m3/min)

Net Weight:650kg

Overall Dimension:3000*870*1700mm